Medium and Psychic Services

Medium Readings
Psychic Readings

Whether you wish to connect with your loved ones in spirit or seek guidance for your future, the validations and messages we receive can be life changing and healing!

Visit Cate’s Medium and Psychic Services page to learn which service may be best for you.

Medium and Psychic Services

Animal Communication Services

Animal Communication Readings / Pet Medium Readings / Lost Pets

Visit Cate’s Animal Communication Services  page to learn more about the different animal communication services offered and which one would be best for you!

Animal Communication Services

Other Services offered by Cate

Events and Spirit Circles – Gift Certificates

Whether you are looking to spend time in a private reading or in a group setting,
services offered by Cate include various ways to stay connected! 

Spirit Circles

A spirit circle lasts for approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length. This type of group setting will consist of between 3 to 8 people. This will allow enough time for everyone to receive either a short medium or psychic reading. Bring photos!


Events are a great way to experience the healing power of Spirit, whether human or animal.
During an event, Cate will connect with your loved ones in spirit and bring through validations and messages of love, hope and healing. Cate is known to bring through details that are specific for you, demonstrating that love never dies.
NOTE: Not everyone is guaranteed a reading in this type of setting.

Gift Certificates

Are you wondering what to purchase your friend or family member for that special occasion? Or would you like someone to experience connecting with their loved ones in spirit? Buy them a gift certificate!
Your recipient will have up to 6 months to use their gift certificate.

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